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This site is a platform for my various efforts at world domination, projects, and sometimes just plain foolishness. If you have any comments about anything that you see here you can email me .

There are many areas on this site but more than likely you'll be looking for my iPhone apps orThe Macintosh Font Vault. Make your selection from the menu on the left hand side.

Please note if you are looking for ERIKS UK (Industrial Products), you have come to the wrong place. Click Here to be redirected. I am not affiliated with them but have been asked to provide a link for visitors of theirs who type incorrectly.

A little about me

I'm an Imperial College graduate, until 2005 working at a UK ISP called Mailbox Internet Ltd which I was involved with founding in 1995. Nowadays I'm part of IT Security, Infrastructure & Solutions Provider Cerberus Networks Ltd. I'm a technology enthusiast, and I'm always interested in the next big thing. To help my finance the next big thing why not click here and see if you are interested in buying the last big thing, which I have probably put up for sale on eBay by now.

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